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Seriously the softest outfit I've ever touched! Thank you

Morher and Baby

About Us

High Quality Clothing

Bello and Bonita strive to offer a high-quality service and is an online-only store selling high quality children's and baby-wear and provide a range of different styles and trends, with emphasis on slow fashion, ethically sourced brands who use organic and eco friendly materials for baby girls and baby boys.. Not only are they kinder to delicate skin but the environment too. Because our brands use only the finest fabrics the garments you purchase are intended to be passed on and used again.

We support brands who bring about social and environmental good, we know the journey our clothes have been on before they reach your doorstep so in purchasing from us you're helping to make the world a kinder place. Find out more about us. 

Trees From Above

We Support

Slow Fashion, high quality clothing that can be passed on and on, fashion which isn't mass produced. 

Brands who give back and bring about good social change such as planting trees when their clothes are purchased or proceeds of sales supporting organisations which protect the rights of others.

Businesses which use the finest materials such as organic cottons, bamboo and materials which are much kinder to skin and the environment.

Unique hand made clothes which make a statement ensuring your little one in all their uniqueness stand out from the crowd- as they should.

Ethically made clothing and appreciating and acknowledging the people behind the scenes creating these wonderful garments.

Brands who are not just thinking about the here and now but the future for your little ones and the generations after.


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Some  Of Our Suppliers


Based in London, garments produced ethically and environmentally. 

Bohemian Babies

All clothing handmade in the US with a focus on eco-friendly materials.

Ashley Rose Clothing

High end sustainable clothing, ethically made. One tree planted after each stockist purchase.

Little Green Radicals

Clothing ethically (fairtrade certified) made using only organic  cotton and certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

Elephant Moon

GOTS and Fairtrade certification

Peter Jo's Kids

Exclusively  high quality  sustainable clothing for girls.  Eco friendly modern clothing made in Portugal. 

Cotton Threads