About Bello and Bonita

Who We Are

Fabulous Fashion for Little People. 

Bello and Bonita was established in 2021 and is a small family-run business.

Children grow so quickly, here at Bello and Bonita, we know you want to make the most of those precious moments before they become fond memories. This is at the heart of everything we do; there's something so memorable about little cherubs in cute clothes, which is why our range is for little boys and girls from birth to three years old. 

Day by day you make precious memories with the little people in your life; let Bello and Bonita help make those memories look good. 

Our passion centres around the importance of family (blood and honorary); our ethos is that it does indeed take a village to bring up confident, happy children who grow up to be confident, happy adults. Whether you're an uncle or aunt, bonus mum, second father, godmother, stepmother, or honorary grandparent, everyone has a role to play when you have little ones around .It's no accident that our icon is a cute elephant, an animal known for its sophisticated family structures, loyalty, and wisdom. 


We sell an exclusive collection of luxury and fashionable brands of children's clothing. Our clothes are trendsetting, chic, and of the very best quality. Our small team personally selects each garment. We understand the importance of how something looks and how it feels on sensitive, delicate skin, which is why you'll find that most of the brands we stock use ethically sourced organic fabrics, which are not only kinder to the skin but kinder to the environment. 

We are not interested in mass produced clothing and because of this there are at times a limited number of garments available so snap them up whilst you can.

Ethically Made

We are interested in the journey the clothes we stock make and will support brands who share this vision. We support Fairtrade, GOTS certified (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD), sustainable clothing; we understand and appreciate the people behind the clothing and always strive to offer something different. We also love brands that aim to bring about social good. In short, we care about the world we live in, environmentally and socially and are trying to do our part for today and the generations after us.

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Also, check out our blog after you've browsed our products, we've always got something to say, and if you do too, you could always leave a comment! Or join the family by requesting to join our group.

Happy browsing!!!

x - Bella and Bonita -x

Image by Andrae Ricketts

High Quality Clothing

Bello and Bonita strive to offer a high-quality service and is an online-only store selling high quality children's and baby-wear and provide a range of different styles and trends, with emphasis on slow fashion, ethically sourced brands who use organic and eco friendly materials for baby girls and baby boys.. Not only are they kinder to delicate skin but the environment too. Because our brands use only the finest fabrics the garments you purchase are intended to be passed on and used again.

We support brands who bring about social and environmental good, we know the journey our clothes have been on before they reach your doorstep so in purchasing from us you're helping to make the world a kinder place. 

Morher and Baby
Cotton Threads

Some  Of Our Suppliers


Based in London, garments produced ethically and environmentally. 

Bohemian Babies

All clothing handmade in the US with a focus on eco-friendly materials.

Ashley Rose Clothing

High end sustainable clothing, ethically made. One tree planted after each stockist purchase.

Little Green Radicals

Clothing ethically (fairtrade certified) made using only organic  cotton and certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

Elephant Moon

GOTS and Fairtrade certification

Peter Jo's Kids

Exclusively  high quality  sustainable clothing for girls.  Eco friendly modern clothing made in Portugal.