Benefits of Bamboo Clothing


Fast fashion has made it so that we don’t think twice about the clothes we purchase, not where they’ve come from or what it’s made from, it’s easy to not have to think about the journey our garments made aa this is how it’s pretty much always been within the industry.

Following lockdown and the pandemic there appears to be a general shift and we are becoming more concerned about the journey our clothes make to us, not just how they are made but what they are made of. In short, looking at ways to conserve our world has become mainstream and fast fashion has become one of the things we now focus on.

Introducing the world of eco friendly materials! Many people know about organic cotton and it’s benefits but it seems, not as many about clothing made from bamboo grass pulp. It is said to be the most eco friendly material on earth. Here we lay down the benefits of bamboo material and why you need to include it in your next purchase of clothing.

• Helps to regulate body temperature

• Protects against UV radiation

• 100% Biodegradable

Bamboo is buttery soft, we are talking super soft so feels great on any skin but particularly those with sensitive and/or delicate skin, some say it is softer than silk. Being three times more absorbent than cotton it keeps moisture away from the skin making for a more comfortable wear, it is in fact naturally hypo- allergenic so perfect for allergy prone skin and conditions like eczema.

Bamboo material is antibacterial and anti-fungal and these properties remain even after multiple washes. What this means is you’re less likely to sweat in this material and if you do the stench will not remain in your clothes.

Unlike cotton, bamboo does not require excessive amounts of water to grow and is the fastest growing plant on earth making it a more sustainable option as it grows in abundance with minimal impact on harming the environment. It also purifies the air that we breathe producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.

It’s benefits are truly amazing and the more we find out about it the more we want all our clothes to be made of this fantastic fabric.


We have a small selection of bamboo children‘s clothes available in stock now so why not check it out and see what all the fuss is about!

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