Holidays: The Rise Of The Staycation

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic which we've been living with since 2019, holidays have never quite been the same. Even if you have managed to get out of the country chances are it hasn't been without added stresses such as having to quarantine prior and after holiday, test taking and mask wearing. I know many families who've had holidays booked for years and have still not managed to leave the UK, so what's a family to do with so much uncertainty and confusion about the rules and regulations for travel and colour coded systems in places which are also rapidly changing.

It appears the UK package holidays have made a real comeback, according to an article in the independent, UK holiday bookings have jumped a whopping 300%. It seems we are all learning to appreciate what's around us so much so that there has also been an increase of new pop up sites of temporary holiday spots around the country. The only thing you may have to be is a little more flexible with your chosen staycation as the popular destinations like Cornwall are quickly being booked up for the summer.

I personally have fallen totally in love with the UK again, there's so much on offer too and different options. Camping, glamping, a spa hotel in the countryside or a package holiday in a static caravan, the options are vast. Activity based or to the seaside, nature walks or swimming in a pool. The good thing about staycations is that they are a lot more affordable so that leaves more money to spend on more fun things and no long flight travelling times either which makes for happier faces once the destination is reached.

Not sure where to go, there is a plethora of info out there about the different places you can stay, an article by goodhouse keeping might be a good starting point.

My family and I have a couple of staycations arranged this summer and to say we are excited is an understatement. Our first one being a package holiday in a caravan park which will be my first (I'm almost embarrassed to say) time staying in a caravan despite being over 25 plus some and than some more. I've done a lot of research so kinda know what I'm getting myself in to but at the same time don't really. I've heard great things so I’m feeling positive about my upcoming new experience.

I'm just hoping the weather is feeling as optimistic as I am, we've had very crazy weather lately. Although with all the global changes we've been enduring I think we've all had to learn the art of going with the flow.

With the pandemic it seems society as a whole has learnt a whole new way of doing things, discovering DIY skills they never knew existed, entrepreneur talents they thought they long buried, maintaining and sometimes creating relationships virtually, adapting how we holiday is just another thing we add on the ever growing list of things we do differently now.

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